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Wildscreen USA: Our Mission

Wildscreen USA, a nonprofit organization, is using the power of wildlife imagery to promote an appreciation and understanding of nature. We believe a public unaware of the world’s rich biodiversity cannot be motivated to protect our natural world. To achieve this mission we are spearheading U.S. efforts in support of the ARKive project, a unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's threatened species.

Through the ARKive initiative, we are gathering, protecting and sharing photos, film and audio clips of threatened species to:

  • inspire greater interest in nature
  • illustrate the wonders of our natural world.
  • educate about the threats facing our planet's biodiversity.
  • promote wildlife conservation and protection

The best filmmakers & photographers help support our main initiative: ARKive

© Patrick Morris - Alastair MacEwen films Japanese macaques

© Ingo Arndt (naturepl.com) photographs Japanese macaques

ARKive species profile of the Japanese macaque



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